25 Random Things About Me

Jadi pengen nyoba… terakhir kali main Who Am I gini kapaaaaan yaaa? yuk yuk


1. Black or white. Never grey.

2. Never stop thinking.

3. Never stop Why-ing

4. Sedekah.

5. Think. Write. Talk. Or vice versa.

6. Integrity. Ethics.

7. Great observer.

8. Hore for learning.

9. Simple in complexity.

10. Weekend is for ME.

11. Movie movie movie. No Chinese, please.

12. Chocolate ice cream.

13. Dark chocolate, especially with mint filling.

14. TEMPE, tentuuu.

15. Fully dedicated.

16. Tough love. At the end, it’s LOVE that matters, right?

17. Tibet. Turkiye. Mesir. Yunani. Itali.

18. Only few really understand.

19. Gunuuuung dong. Yang dingin, yang sejuk, plus gitar dan api unggun.

20. Meyakinkan, walaupun benernya gak tau yang lagi diomongin itu apa. Hahaha.

21. Loving lyrics more than the rhythm.

22. Dengan berat hati mengakui JOHN DENVER lover. Tua yo beeeen.

23. Love to sleep under the star. (I can see your little smile there, honey).

24. Embracing mistakes.

25. Against bullying in ANY WAY.

How does that sound? Hehehehe