Weekly Photo Challenge : Family

Family Fun - Cerita Fanny

It was actually a lazy saturday afternoon, when we all woke up late, took a bath late and ate late. It was almost midday and both parents haven’t eat anything for breakfast. We were both starving. So on our way taking Genta to his martial art, we stopped in front of Masjid near our house to buy siomay from a street-food seller.

Hungry and kids just won’t stop singing and bouncing, we decided to capture the moment. The special lazy starving Saturday afternoon.

People say that when your life-light begins to dim, it’s the most important thing in life that would come flashing in your mind. I don’t know for I am not dimming yet (I hope). But I know for sure that when in trouble I think of these people. When I lay down and try to close my eyes, I wish the very best for all of them. I even think of them when I’m alone in the bathroom. So I guess it’s right that people say, you finally have only your family.